Facade Walk Through

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The facade is one of the biggest transformations of this whole renovation. We’ve taken a quirky 1980s house that was lacking street appeal and brought our spin on a modern Hamptons style. 

The original house was devoid of all street appeal – in fact, when we purchased it you couldn’t even see the house from the street, it was just a metal fence and trees with concrete pavers leading up to a typical 1980s greeny-beige garage door. What I loved about the original house was that it had this symmetry to it with a pair of dutch gables, it had this cottage type character despite being ugly as all get out! 

The house was perfectly positioned on the block with such a generous set back that we were able to extend two sections at the front of the house to create a pair of garages and an internal office and leave the entrance to the house where it was originally. 

The original house had a really quirky entrance, you entered the home on an angle and walked into a little nib wall which served no purpose. We straightened off the entrance and then created a series of landings out of cypress decking leading up the now central front door. 

I love that amongst all of the new, as you walk up to the front door we saved the original corner window – with a fresh architrave it’s the perfect blend of old meets new. Another resurrection of sorts is the planter pot that sits underneath the window. An original terracotta pot that was left at the front door when we purchased the home. Much to all of my trades disgust, that pot was one of the only items that didn’t make the skip, rather they had to drag the thing which weighs a ridiculous amount as it was full of soil, around the worksite to keep it out of the way. But I always had a vision for it, a connection point to the original home with a fresh new look thanks to a coat of paint or two.

We knew that we could make a bold change to the facade by changing the cladding. We pulled the bricks off what was remaining of the front and then clad the entire facade and extension with James Hardies Linea weatherboards. Linea is a fibre cement board, which means they’re resistant to shrinking, swelling and cracking and hold paint better than timber – in short, these are the ultimate low maintenance cladding. With the practical perspective ticked, I love that these weatherboards bring that classic Hamptons coastal feel, but have a modern touch with the clean lines and the deep shadows.

Whilst we picked up on that signature coastal look with the gable ends and the weatherboards, I knew that we were going to give it a real twist when the colour palette came to life. The bold facade is Oolong by Dulux, which came as a shock to (apparently) everyone on site and to every neighbour who walked past who all graciously commented ‘Ooh I didn’t expect that colour’ after they’d been watching the progress. Despite everyone’s initial shock, it’s now the number one element that people comment on and tell me how much they love our bold choice. The colour is a blend between a charcoal and the darkest shade of navy, I love that because of these strong undertones that the colour appears to change depending on where it’s used and the varying light that hits it throughout the day. Its these elements of intrigue that make us stop and pause, to really contemplate is it blue or is it not that I Iove about design.

We contrasted the dark cladding colour with a really crisp Vivid White for all the trims. One of the reasons I settled on Oolong was that it works perfectly with the Colorbond colour Ironstone – the two colours are a couple of shades apart, which means they sit really nicely next to each other, and it meant that we could use a standard colour for all of our gutters and the garage doors rather than having to custom powder coat everything. 

We added the brass gooseneck lights from Lighting Collective to really accent the colour palette, and to add a bit of character. This renovation proves that you can take even the ugliest duckling on the street and with some simple cladding changes and attention to detail you can create a home with maximum street appeal.