How An Interior Designer Can Save You Money

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If you’ve ever been bitten by the DIY bug, and let’s face it with the epidemic of home renovation shows gracing our TV screens it’s hard not to catch the bug, the following scenario will be all too ingrained in your mind….

You walk into a little boutique and see an amazing hand painted pot adorned with the healthiest Fiddle Leaf Fig. You cringe a little at the price tag and think I’m sure I’ve seen someone on renovation rescue do something just like that, surely I could make that?! So plans are made for a DIY date the following weekend. After a 45 minute trip to Bunnings because you end up trawling up and down every aisle in the store not being able to find what you’re looking for, you leave with a loaded up trolley and head home to get creative. After 2 more trips back to Bunnings because the tape you bought didn’t stick, you ran out of paint and you needed 5 different paint brushes to get the look, it’s Saturday evening, you’re exhausted and have a half finished project that looks nothing like the original, and shall we mention that your Bunnings receipts have already added up to 90% of the price tag of the original item in the store. Note to self – next time buy the original pot.  

Hiring an interior designer is a little bit like buying the original pot. 

For a little investment up front you end up with a finished and furnished home of your dreams and you’ve saved yourself the headache of buying the 7 cushions that were on display at the store and painting your living room the colour chip that you thought looked just the right shade of grey, only to stand back and realise that the walls now look an off shade of violet and the cushions don’t look quite the same as they did on the new lounge suite in the store. 

Oh and did I mention the time, that thing that is as rare as hens teeth these days? Hiring an interior designer means that you can get on doing whatever you choose with your time, eg. continue to run your business, spending time with your kids and enjoying champagne come the weekend with the piece of mind that someone else is taking care of your project in the background. 

To DIY or not to DIY? – that my friends is the modern day question. If you’re looking for a new weekend hobby to fill your creative cup, then roll up your sleeves and dive right in, but if time isn’t a well stocked commodity in your week and you want the outcome without the headache, then hiring an interior designer will bypass the back and forward and deliver you the home of your dreams without the headache.