How To Create A Consistent Concept For Your Home

  Tips & Tricks 

Call it a design brief, a concept or a vision board, determining the style of home you want to create and summing it up in a concise and cohesive manner is critical to the success of your interior design project.

Finding your design style is what creates a sense of cohesion through your home, and avoids the end result feeling like you got distracted on pinterest one day (which truth be told is easy to do without a concept board!) 

We can get to the science of it, which is about addressing the elements of interior design boxes, how to create harmony and balance, rhythm and repetition and so on…. But let’s be honest, it’s the art of it that gets most people excited and pinning, tagging and saving away in the palm of their hand. 

How to find your design style

The first step is to gather all of your inspiration, whether its saved instagram posts, a pinterest board or good old clip and collect from your magazine collection. Collate them all together without judgement (the key here is to be able to see them all together, so whether you put them all onto a single pinterest page, or print and pin up on the wall – the choice is yours). Once you see all of your images together the common themes will begin to appear. Ask yourself, 

  • What are the predominant colours that appear? 
  • What are the textures or patterns?
  • What are the consistent elements throughout?
  • How does it make you feel? 

And then try to sum up your style in a single sentence (or a hashtag if you’re so inclined!) 

How to create a moodboard 

With your design style locked down, it’s time to create your moodboard. This single board, which can be as concise as a 5 image collage in Canva or as elaborate as a cork board that takes up an entire wall in your study, is a visual and tactile way to communicate your design style and becomes a roadmap through your renovation. Your moodboard becomes a check in point for every decision along the way, so before you get distracted by the pretty pink sink this week, and the navy velvet sofa next week, bring in each element and see if it aligns with your moodboard before it gets the tick of approval. 

Armed with a well defined design style and mood board to match, you’ll confidently be able to make each of the countless decisions that crop up with your next interior design project.

Looking for inspiration to start your moodboard? Head to our Pinterest page to see what we’ve been swooning over lately.