Episode Four: Kids Wing Reveal


Episode four calls for fun because it’s time to reveal the kids wing! In this episode we show that you can create a fun and playful space full of personality without having to make any bold structural changes – no wallpaper or coloured paint to be seen. With another bold tile choice in the bathroom, this renovation proves that you can create a space that feels fresh and playful yet still grown up enough to fit in with the modern coastal charm of the rest of the home.

When it came to styling the kids bedrooms I wanted to create a really basic neutral palette and inject all of the personality through the soft furnishings, the fittings and all the fun stuff that can change overtime. When it came to materials in the kids bathroom I knew that I wanted something really fun and playful, the challenge was finding something that still felt right within the design for the entire home. I think we’ve achieved that by going with this blue spot and then it’s neutralized with a lot of grey, the brushed chrome is really elegant and quite simple. 

This is the finished kids wing in the home. At this end of the house we were able to bring some continuity through to the rest of the house by carrying the floorboards all the way through. The use of the same door profiles and the hardware in the kitchen really connects the space together.

And by keeping these rooms structurally the same we were able to really focus on styling a space that reflects the personality of our kids. We’ve gone with a big oversized bedhead in Eloise’s room that creates this dramatic statement as you walk in the door and then we’ve gone with that classic childhood bunk bed but it’s just got an injection of warmth to the space by using that lime wash. So we’ve kept the colour palettes relatively neutral so it will grow with them but there’s plenty of fun and texture through the space as well. 

And in the kids bathroom the tiles have really come to play. As we mentioned before we went with the Futura blue dot tile in this bold floor pattern and then have it running up the wall. It was a little nerve-wracking whether we could pull this off but I think it’s incredible and a whole lot of fun. We’ve connected this space back to the rest of the home through the use of the timber vanity and having that stone benchtop is super practical for kids but there’s a little bit of luxury to it too.

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