Episode Six : Laundry Reveal


Need a little inspiration to get the laundry done? Episode six is here and we’re revealing a laundry that I am more than happy to hang out in. If you spend as much time in the laundry as I do then you’ll agree that a laundry should be as beautiful as the rest of your home.

Laundries are often overlooked in a house. It’s that leftover space, it’s a utility room and not a whole lot of budget is given to it. But in a family home it’s probably the most worked space particularly in our family, so we thought why not make it beautiful as well.

We got rid of the old quirky linen closet and storage space and made a much bigger laundry with a whole lot of integrated storage. I wanted the laundry to feel just as much a part of the home as every other room so we’ve carried the cabinetry through that we’ve used within the kitchen and living space to tie the spaces together. I’ve gone with a really detailed floor in the terrazzo pattern which we’ve then picked out the colours from to create the splashback, but also brought it back to just that grounded neutral palette. So it’s got a little bit of character but it’s still really simple and feels like it should fit within the rest of the home. 

 See more of the laundry

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