Episode Seven : Facade Reveal


In the final episode of the Dunne home renovation we’re revealing the biggest transformation of the entire project, the facade. Episode seven shows how you can renovate the exterior of even the ugliest duckling on the street with some simple cladding changes and attention to detail. 

When it came to this house renovation, we took that classic Hamptons feel but gave it a really modern twist. The original house had a really quirky entry, the front door was on an angle and you walked into sort of a void that didn’t have a whole lot of purpose. We straightened off the entrance to the home and we wanted to almost create a formal space that you can enter, that you stop for a moment and just appreciate the space for what it is.

The biggest transformation of this whole project has to be the facade. We’ve taken a house that had zero street appeal and given it our twist on a modern Hamptons look. The bold colour choice on the cladding really brings to life this fresh modern look. We’ve accented it with those beautiful brass light fittings which is really the jewellery on the project. We’ve kept the landscaping out the front really minimal with a few fun details like the stepping stones, so that all of the attention stays on the front of the home. 

We had a piece of art commissioned from Lisa Madigan to reflect our lifestyle and it catches your eye as soon as you open that door and sort of plays to the story and the character of the house that you’re about to walk into. 

 See more of the facade

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