Laundry Walk Through

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Anyone who spends as much time in the laundry as I do will agree that the laundry does not need to be boring. The laundry is often the most overlooked space in a renovation but for a family home this is one of the most hardworking rooms.

The original house had a tiny corridor off the hallway in the kids wing which divided the bathroom and laundry, and had one linen closet – the only storage cupboard in the entire home. The layout was such a waste of floor space, leaving a small pokey laundry with only enough space for cabinets along one wall. By moving one wall we were able to remove the wasted space and create a bigger bathroom and a much bigger laundry which was big enough to have cabinetry running along both sides which is what storage dreams are made of! 

I am a huge fan of having oodles of storage in a laundry – this is the workroom of our house, and with adequate storage we are able to keep all of the sports bags and sports shoes, work boots and so much more in this one room. The best bit? All of it is tucked neatly away behind closed doors so that I don’t have to look at it when I come in and out. 

Integrated pull out hampers means there is plenty of space for both dirty and clean laundry, which means the ironing doesn’t even have to be up to date, but you wouldn’t know it if you passed by! The hanging rail was a bit of a DIY hack, I used 2 of the rope drawer pulls from Hepburn Hardware that we used on the laundry hampers, and fixed them to the base of the overhead cabinets and ran a simple pine towel through the loops.

With the storage and practicalities of the space sorted, I wanted the laundry to be as beautiful as every other room in the house. I started with the terrazzo flooring from Perini. I love the big chunks in this particular pattern and the mix of greys along with the bolder gold gives it a warmth that most terrazzo doesn’t have. The gold sections picked up the tone in the timber flooring which it butts up to at the junction to the hallway creating a seamless transition. We picked up on this golden colour when choosing the splashback tile, the gold NYC herringbone mosaic. I love the texture in this tile, and the herringbone pattern connects it back to the tile patterns in the ensuite as well. It’s these little connections throughout the home that make it feel so cohesive. 

We carried the cabinetry style from the kitchen, using the same colour Dulux Knowing, and same base door profile, but this time without the V-groove in the infill panels. This connects the laundry back to the rest of the home, but gives it its own identity as well. We used a mixture of knobs, handles and pulls, bringing in the hint of black as in the kitchen with the Atticus knobs on the overhead cabinets, as well as the brass jute handles on the full length cabinets and the drawer pulls. I love the mixture of metals and textures in this room and the addition of the jute in this space adds an earthiness to the room. 

This laundry renovation proves that practical and pretty are not mutually exclusive.