What Does An Interior Designer Actually Do? 

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An interior designer walks into a bar and the barman says, ‘So what do you do?’ 

‘Oh I’m an interior designer’ 

‘Cool’ says the barman ‘so you get to go shopping with other people’s money for cushions and stuff’ 

The designer walks out before the joke can even find it’s punch line.

what does an interior designer actually do

Every interior designer reading this now looks a little akin to the face slap emoji. And hopefully after reading through this you’ll have a much greater appreciation of what an interior designer can do for you (far from frivolously spending your money and fluffing your cushions).

The process of getting from concept to completion on an interior design project is long and detailed and as each designer has their own way of navigating this convoluted process – getting the low down in a nutshell seems to be hard to find. Interior design is the art and science of space, it’s responding to the individual needs, way of life and desires of a family to create a functional home that simplifies the everyday. So how exactly do we do that?

Here’s a nut shell version if you’re time poor {or you can stick around until the end if you want the nitty gritty long version too}

Concept & design response 
It begins with a deep understanding of your family, your style and your way of life. This is the ideas phase, where we start with the big picture and begin to identify how your home needs to function as well as the overall aesthetic. 

Design development
This is where the ideas become an action plan. From creating floor plans, making material selections, there’s all of the hard materials, the flooring, tiles, surfaces, the fixtures and fittings, every tap, basin, sink and handle and putting all of these together into a cohesive scheme. 

Documentation & construction
Once all of the selections are made, all of the ideas get transposed into schedules and drawings can be produced so that you can receive council planning and building permits and curate construction documents ready to be turned into built form. 

Furniture & furnishing 
It’s the furniture and furnishings that can take a house and turn it into your home. From selections of all the furniture and furnishings, the fabrics, cushions, artwork, bed linen and all the accessories, through to the logistics of purchasing, tracking and receiving all of the items. 

interior design plans

Within these four key pillars of design there are so many moving parts. So we’ve created a 10 step process which outlines each and every move from the initial concept to completion. 

ONE.          Concepts Consultation
It starts with a conversation. Good design is defined by our emotional response to a space, how it makes you feel and the ease with which it functions. Concept is where every project begins. A two hour design consultation enables us to get to know you and your family and your vision for your dream space. We’ll discuss how you want your space to function and most importantly how you want your space to feel. We’ll refine the overall vision, establish your wishlist and work through as many questions that you may have. 

TWO.          Proposal
Equipped with all of the information we need, we’ll respond within the next couple of days with a proposal outlining our understanding of your vision for the project, imagery and initial moodboard to visually describe this. We’ll outline the scope of works, determine our design fees to take you all the way through to step 4 {the presentation}.

Then with a shared vision for your project and your approval and sign off the project commences. 

THREE.          Design Development
It’s here we begin to translate your ideas into elements that make up your home. We’ll finalise floor plans, select all of the fixtures and fittings and create detailed drawings so that you can share the vision we have for your space. We’ll introduce you to our construction team so that they can prepare estimates to bring your design to life. 

FOUR.           Presentation
With the design and construction team under one roof, we streamline the process and present you with a complete design – a roadmap if you like, which includes every detail and decision and what the investment will be. This allows you to make an informed decision about your home and ensures a seamless transition from design to construction. 

We make any tweaks or revisions if needed and with your approval and sign off the construction process begins.

FIVE.          Construction Documentation
We prepare construction drawings and documents so that your ideas are ready to be brought to built form and will take care of the process of receiving council planning (if required) and a building permit on your behalf. 

SIX.          Renovation
Our streamlined process to design and construction is what sets us apart. We don’t do countless meetings between design and construction that go around in circles costing you time and money. Rather we liaise daily, often over coffee at our family breakfast table, because we take our projects personally and are as passionate about your home as you are. You’ll be informed but not overwhelmed with meetings and micromanagement – we take care of that on your behalf throughout the process. 

SEVEN.          Furniture and Furnishing
It’s through the careful curation of furniture and furnishing that the personality of your home begins to take centre stage. We’re passionate about this process, favouring quality over quantity ensuring the home you move into will be enjoyed for many years to come. 

EIGHT.          Procurement
Following the selection of all the pieces that will make up your home, we take care of all of the logistics involved in purchasing, tracking and receiving your items, a process which we have buttoned down and perform in the background whilst your everyday continues to roll on. 

NINE.          Installation & Styling
This is where the magic truly happens. We’ll coordinate all of the installation, the unpacking, the rubbish removal, the putting together, the placement and the final jushing and styling. We like to think of it as our Cinderella moment, where you leave us with a pumpkin and come home to something worthy of a palace. 

TEN.          Home
It’s a bittersweet moment when we get to the end, but we know from experience that it’s just the beginning of an ongoing friendship, with another project one day on the horizon.